The Registry of Companies forms part of the Malta Financial Services Authority. The core responsibilities of the Registrar of Companies arise out of the Companies Act, 1995. These are:
  • Registration of new commercial partnerships
  • Registration of documents related to commercial partnerships
  • Keeping the company and partnership register
  • Collection of registration and other fees
  • Publication of notices
  • Issue of certified documentation
  • Issue of good-standing and other certificates
  • Reservation of company names
  • Imposition and collection of penalties
  • Investigation of companies
  • Registry of Companies Online System Information
    If you are a new user to the system please register first. Please be informed that you will not be able to log into the system until you receive an email confirming that you were approved by the MFSA system administrator.

    Once you have been approved by the administrator, please note that before you are able to log-on to the system, you must top up your account, by pressing the Top Up Your Account link.